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Why choose online exercise when you have MS:

  • Exercise for you – who can take responsibility for your own safety. See disclaimer
  • Exercise for you – when the time suits you.
  • Exercise for you – without spending time or energy on transport. ( Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms in MS)
  • Exercise for you – who struggle to get inspired or motivated by a sheet of paper with exercises.
  • Exercise for you who is feeling insecure/unsafe around too many people.

10 years of working experience with MS (both physical and online) at a therapy center in England.

Extensive experience in adapting the exercises to different functional levels.

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Quotes from previous patients

"An inspirational and hugely professional physiotherapist with many years of experience working with those affected with the multiple faceted challenges that come with a diagnosis of MS. Henriette constantly seeks to update her skills in such a way as to offer additional help and advice, including floor-based Pilates, FES, etc. If you get any chance to work with Henriette in whatever capacity take it - you won´t regret it. "

exercises, fitness, stretching
Participant - pilates class

"A big thank you to Henriette at the center for supporting and helping me with my mobility issues during lockdown. Henriette gave me exercises which helped with my pain issues and my condition improved so I could manage stairs again. I had no one else to turn to and Henriette gave vital support. "

exercises, fitness, stretching
Participant - general physio exercise class

"I was glad to learn about the process of stepping forward, eg the way the weight should shift, the push-off by the big toe and the shin moving over the foot. It was so natural once that I never even thought about it, but I need to consciously think about it now! "

exercises, fitness, stretching
Participant - foot exercise class
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