Hi, my name is Henriette.

Welcome to the blog “MS ideas and exercise”. I am a Danish physiotherapist who likes working with people with MS! I did so for 10 years at the Berkshire MS Therapy Center in England. I like stones too!

The idea behind the blog

The dream of writing a blog started in connection with moving home to Denmark at the end of 2020 “MS ideas and exercise” is an attempt to give you inspiration and new ideas for living with MS. I will do this primarily based on my knowledge and experience and adding other current/relevant issues in the world of MS. I do not have MS myself – so I will never be able to claim that I know exactly what it is like to have MS. However, I am very grateful for all that I have learned from all the wonderful people (with and without MS) that I have met on my way.

Among other things, I have learned how important it is to be supported and part of a community with MS. My blog is an attempt to start a community of safety, support, and community. Here, everyone knows what it is like to have MS. 


In a beautiful, famous Danish poem, Dan Turell talks about loving everyday life. It’s just not always that we humans appreciate everyday life. For instance when we face adversity in the form of the challenges of MS. Many people talk about the experience of having their everyday life shaken and how the things they took for granted have changed. All of a sudden, they appreciate everyday life as it was before even more. They appreciate who they were before.  even more. They experience longing – longing for an everyday life, longing for the person they were and hoped to be in the future.  This is where a feeling of isolation may occur.

I hope the blog will inspire you to live well with MS. To help you continue to appreciate everyday life and remind you that you are still the same person who you always were. There are no strategies or feelings that are wrong. Some people may already have coping strategies and solutions that work for them – others might be a little more searching. Some may find that certain strategies may be more productive in the long run, and others may be confirmed in sticking fully or partially to theirs. There is room for everyone! Maybe a sense of community and inspiration here on the blog can be a small step on the way to living well with MS?

Differences and similarities

Of course, MS is different – just as different as the stones on the beach. The stones also have common features – the sea washes over them every day – every day they become a little rounder and a little more beautiful. You are free to be inspired or not. Not everything is appropriate, or safe for everyone, unfortunately. You are responsible for your own safety when using the blog. If you are the slightest in doubt, (eg are unsure if something is safe or appropriate for you, have pain, or are in any way insecure), then you must discuss it with your healthcare professional who knows you well e.g. your doctor, physiotherapist, neurologist or similar. It is always best to check before you start something new.

See disclaimer

Once again welcome to the blog.

Kind regards


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