Pay attention and be resonsible. The blog will represent general inspiration and general recommendations based on my experience and relevant/current issues in the world of MS. The accuracy of the content of the blog or other content referred to can not be guaranteed.

You accept responsibility for your own safety by using the blog.

Be responsive to individual circumstances

Everyone with MS is different. It is important to be aware of this.

I can not advise individually or take into account your individual situation and health condition. (eg your surroundings, your MS, possible injuries/problems, physical, mental and cognitive conditions, or other health and personal conditions. This applies to both current and past conditions that may be important for your safety and well-being).

Be aware of your own responsibilities and risks

It will be your own responsibility to decide whether or not to be inspired. You alone will be responsible for determining which activities and suggestions are relevant for you and which you can use (safely and responsibly) based on your level of mobility and your current and past health and personal circumstances. It will always be best to seek advice from your own team of professionals who know you well and have the necessary knowledge for individual advice. Especially prior to commencing on something new.

You acknowledge and voluntarily accept full responsibility for all risks involved (both known and unknown in relation to yourself and your surroundings) by using the blog. The blog cannot be held responsible.

Be responsive! Not everything works for the individual person with MS. Consider the blog as ideas, inspiration, and suggestions for living with MS. It is beyond the reach of the blog to give individual advice in relation to what will work for you. It is important to understand that with this blog I do not have a therapist-patient relationship with you. I can not be held responsible for your individual situation nor advise in relation to it.

Be aware of your own limits and variability of your MS symptomsoms

You accept responsibility for your own safety in connection with the use of the blog. I would advise you to pay particular attention to your own situation in relation to your level of mobility, as you take responsibility for working within your own boundaries. In addition, I would point out any variability in your MS in relation to, for example, fatigue, temperature, pain, and so on.

Listen to your body and your gut feeling. Take necessary breaks! They are necessary in terms of taking responsibility for your own safety.

Take home message
  • Pay attention and take responsibility. By using the blog, you accept responsibility for your own situation, body/mind, your surroundings, and safety in general.
  • You agree to not hold the Blog liable.
  • Do not take unnecessary chances in relation to your own safety and your surroundings.
  • Always consult with relevant professionals associated with you.
  • Use respectful resources when seeking knowledge about your MS. See MS Trust.
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