5 easy steps to Blog Heaven

My eagerness to start my own blog has lead me to read various, brilliant blogs about MS. Perhaps you have also found yourself typing “bloggers writing about MS” in Google? If you have, you most likely have a list of favourite bloggers writing about MS. If not, here is your chance to get my recommendations to add to your own list.

The various bloggers are all in different places on their journey with MS. Regardless of where you are in your journey, I am certain that you will find a blogger, who can inspirere you! Someone who can provide calmness and emotional support. Someone who can bring a tear to your eye. Someone who can create MS awareness. Someone who can make you belly laugh. Who doesn’t love a good laugh? We are laughing with and not at someone by the way. Don’t forget humour is a crucial part of coping positively when living with MS. Please see previous post on coping.

I am so ready for the list of bloggers writing about MS

1/ Fru Holmboe is a Danish blog with honest and quirky stories about living with MS. It is about the everyday life of Charlotte, who is trying to make the most out of life. You will find food for thought regardsless of having MS or not.

2/ Martin Baum is both a blogger and an author. He writes skillfully and elegantly about MS. Use the link provided to read about his thoughts in connection with Fathers day. Martin has had MS for many years and he shares out his experience and thoughts on various MS blogs via the MS Trust, MS society, Shift.ms etc.

3/ Heather is behind the blog Dinosaurs donkeys and MS. You will love this blog, if you are searching for an upbeat and positive way of coping with MS. If you like crochet animals even better! Both Martin and Heather have previously contributed positively to my blog.

4/ Mark Webb is a great alternative, if you are looking to brigthen your spirits and have a good laugh. Nevertheless, Mark shares important messages about diversity etc. His take on MS is positive and enjoyable. It will crack you up for sure!

5/ Ardra is a Canadian, classy blogger. She is not only a rollator super model, as she puts it – but she is also super funny.

The list of bloggers (in no particular order) could become much longer. But I will leave it at that for the sake of overwhelm.

How about you?

Now it is your turn! I am sure there is a blogger out there whose blog you will enjoy.

  • Have you found your favourite blogger yet?
  • Perhaps you blog about MS yourself?

Maybe you feel inspired by now to start your own blog about MS! Do you want to be on the list of bloggers writing about MS? Or writing about something completely different?

Writing can be therapeutic and useful in terms of working though emotions.

With time most people find their way with MS. You will find your way too.

You could take inspiration from the bloggers writing about MS – or you could inspire others with your blog!

The choice is yours!

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