Useful stretches for MS home use

It is no secret, that exercise is good for you when you have MS. That is why I created a series of 12 stretching exercises for MS on Twitter. Stretching is often popular and a great way to destress.

When I was teaching exercise classes at Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, stretching exercises were always well received. If I asked the participants about what they would like to be included in today’s class, stretching was often mentioned.

Stretching exercises is often one of those things that give you immediate pleasure – here and now. It does not necessarily have a lasting effect. However many people with MS still like stretching. Perhaps it is to due with:

  • It creates postural awareness
  • It contributes to overall body awareness
  • It slows you down positively mentally and physically
  • It encourages deep breathing
  • It can help loosening up our muscles


#12DAYSOFSTRETCHMAS – stretching exercises for MS

As previously mentioned, I have made a series of stretching exercises for MS via Twitter during December. You can find them via @HenriettePoul14 and #12DAYSOFSTRETCHMAS. It was inspired by the Christmas carol “Twelve Days of Christmas”, and similar to the carol it is all about repetitions. When you get a new stretching exercise, you repeat the previous ones too. This type of repetition you may also know from children’s songs.

You will also find the stretching exercises in this blog post for your inspiration. Please remember to take full responsibility for your own safety. Please see disclaimer.


stretching exercise for the lower arm and fingers.


Stretching exercise for the calves.


Stretching exercise for the trunk.


Stretching exercise for the back



Stretching exercise for the hamstrings.


Stretching exercise for the hipflexors


Stretching exercise for the adductors


Stretching exercise for the glutes


Stretching exercise for the chest


Stretching exercise for the back of the shoulders.


Dynamic stretching for the upper trunk

Merry Christmas

I hope you found inspiration in the above series of stretching exercises for MS. Remember to take individual consideration and keep safe.

Perhaps you have a favorite stretching exercise which you often use? You are welcome to comment in the comment section.

Finally, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

P.S. The exercises could for instance be used if you too are attempting to lead a more active life with MS and avoid spending too much time in a sedentary position. Read more about sedentary lifestyle here.

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2 thoughts on “Useful stretches for MS home use”

  1. Thank you for including the seated versions of the stretches. I am only able to stand with support and stretching before helps so much with balance and spacticity. Great stretches and great explanations for why we do them.

    (Do I have to get a pair of those socks to do the stretches?)


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