YouGoGirl – 3 good reasons to join

Advertisement: In the following post I will talk about the Danish association Scleroseforeningen and their fundraising event called YouGoGirl. 

1/Take part in the positive atmosphere and the community

You probably know the infectious and positive atmosphere surrounding charity events if you have participated in one before. The feeling elevates your mood. We could all do with an elevation of mood during Corona. This is where YouGoGirl comes into the picture. My daughter and I have joined! Look at the beautiful stone she has colored.

Make use of YouGoGirl to create more connections between you and your network. We all need to maintain connections during this current pandemic, as this is a time where we can all feel more or less isolated. You can also make use of YouGoGirl to develop new connections and network possibilities. We all need to feel part of something bigger! Pay tribute to the feeling of community!

You may not be able to physically take part with as many people as you would like, but you could take advantage of social media and be together online instead. While you walk, do a video call to the person you would have liked to join you the most. Cheering each other only adds to the atmosphere!

2/Support MS research by participating in YouGoGirl

I have taken part myself in a research project in cooperation with Brunel University (iStep-MS). It was very rewarding for both the physiotherapists and the participants. Many left the project with the sense of “I can do this”. I would encourage everyone who has the opportunity to take part in research studies. It can be a bit nerve-racking to start with but take a leap of faith. You will not regret it! 

To read more about iStep-MS click here.

One thing I learned by taking part in iStep-MS was different methods to maintain motivation when it comes to exercising. If you have set yourself a goal, share it with others. This way you commit yourself to the goal and to the people you shared the goal with. If you have decided to take part in YouGoGirl and are receiving generous donations from family and friends, your motivation to work towards your goal will only increase. Sharing your goal is also a part of maintaining and creating connections during a time, where we might have a sense of isolation due to Corona.

3/Take advantage of getting in some exercise

Many people are already adding walking to their exercise routine making good use of the green spaces around them. Why not make use of this and turn your walk into a fundraising event!

The advantage of YouGoGirl is that you set your own distance for the day so you can easily adapt the day to your fitness level. An obvious goal would be to decide on a specific amount of steps. A pedometer comes in handy. It is a very concrete and visible tool to use.  By recording it in a diary format, it will be easy to stay on the right track.

Hope to see you out there on the 1st of May.

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